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Savings & Current Accounts

A bank account at TECU bank is useful and a safe place to keep all your cash!

You enter into an agreement with us and we offer you with a service. We provide you with the peace of mind; you know that your money is securely and safely deposited into bank account of your choice. A bank account is convenient, as you can access your money from any ATM of ours. This helps you in saving and investing money for your future.

Type of accounts that we deal in:

Opening your own bank account is just the beginning of an effective financial liberty and management. However, it is vital to choose the correct account that matches with your financial requirements. Our bank offers different accounts, so it is advisable to speak to one of our consultants for assistance. Different types of accounts provide unique charges, services and benefits; therefore it is pivotal to choose the account tailor made for you.


Basic Savings Bank Account

It’s never too late to start putting away money for your future needs. If you plan to save with a minimal amount, then general savings account at our bank is right for you. We also offer you a competitive interest rate.

Savings account

Let your savings grow with an alluring interest bearing savings account and access it at your convenience. A saving account with us permits you to route all your financial transactions in a secure and convenient way. With the owning of savings account, you can shop or pay your bills online, transfer funds conveniently via mobile application and net banking.

Current Account

Current account at our bank enables businessmen such as public and private companies, proprietors, trusts etc to carry out their daily transactions i.e. payments and receipts. With this account, businessmen can draw money from their account without any limit.

Open an account with us today for ease of keeping your cash and efficiency in your transactions!

Our Services

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