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Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposits

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Fixed Deposits in TECU Bank has higher interest rates compared to any other co-operative society, The urban bank has the best plan for your benefits.

Fixed Deposits

Deposits are accepted ranging from 15 days to 10 years and the interest is paid at regular intervals (Monthly /Quarterly / Half yearly) at an attractive rate of interest.
All individuals / associations etc. are eligible to open the Fixed Deposit Account.
Fixed deposit can also be accepted for any period in multiples of complete months or even for a period where the terminal month is incomplete.

TECU Banks savings account holders can enjoy the benefit of fixed deposits and get higher interest rates for their money.

Long-term deposits:

Long term deposits refer to terms of more than 12 months. You’ll usually have the option to put your money away for between one to ten years. As an incentive to leave your money untouched for a longer period, long term deposits usually offer higher interest rates than the shorter term ones.

Short Term Deposit:

Short term deposits acceptable ranging from 15 days to below 1 year.


Higher Interest Rates
Guarantee Returns

Gold Loan( For 1 Gram Rs 4,500/-)
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