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Vehicle Loans

Vehicle Loans

Vehicle Loans

Instant Approval

TECU Bank has lowest interest rates on vehicle loans. If you are looking for a best vehicle loan plan TECU Bank is the right choice.

Vehicle Loans

Owing a vehicle is no more a dream! With Tecu Bank vehicle loan, you can bring home a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler with low interest rates. Nowadays a vehicle has become one of the most imperative necessities but when it comes to buying it, hard cash is needed. Every individual loves to have a luxurious and lavish vehicle of his choice but the skyrocketing prices are something that aren’t easy to pay in one installment.

At TECU Bank, we ensure that you don’t ever compromise with a secondhand vehicle due to the lack of financial resources.

Why Tecu Bank Vehicle Loan?

Instant Approval:

We know how eager you are to bring home your new vehicle, that’s why we offer instant approval. Get in our Office premises, finalize the deal and purchase the vehicle you love. Easiness at its best!


Do you need only the half amount of the total? We have flexible range of vehicle loans, so you can the only amount you require.

Minimal Documents:

Don’t run in hassles of submitting multiple documents. We have a robust procedure that requires minimal documents for the approval.

Online Account Management:

You don’t have to come to the bank office to repay your installment and to check how many are left. Log in to your online account and get instantaneous information of all EMIs on the go.

Who are eligible for a Vehicle Loan?

An individual has to satisfy these basic criterions in order to secure a vehicle loan.

• He/she should be at least 25 years of more at the time of submitting the application.
• Should have been dwelling in the particular city for more than one year
• Should be working- either self-employed or a service person (in order to prove income source)

Along with these, the individual should bring in some identity proof documents and energy bill receipts to successfully qualify for a loan.

Loan Process

To avail any loan the customer should submit KYC Documents.

Gold Loan( For 1 Gram Rs 4,500/-)
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